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Much of the film revolves around the retrieval of an object known only as The Rabbit’s Foot. But nobody discloses information about it. What was the Rabbit's foot and what could it do?

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I always thought it was Chimera from Mission: Impossible 2. – Wade Wilson May 4 at 7:35
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We don't know what it does, and that's sort of the point. All we know is that it's something the bad guy wants, and the good guys will prevent that from happening.

The Rabbit's Foot is a classic MacGuffin, a nebulous object of desire that drives the plot.

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It's a biohazard, that means

something that may cause harm to people or to the environment, especially a poisonous chemical or an infectious disease

Here, this picture confirms that Rabbit's foot is a biohazard. enter image description here

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Doesn't really answer the question though, being biohazard could just be a property of the Rabbit's foot, not necessarily its purpose. – atticae Jun 4 '14 at 1:14

In the movie the analyst is able to hack into the computer hard drive.

The analyst tells Ethan that Davian will be going to the Vatican AND explains that the reason for that is connected to the "rabbit's foot" which he will sell to someone at the Vatican. He goes on to talk about what his professor taught back at Oxford, about this "rabbit's foot" end of the world type of stuff also is also referred to as the "Anti God". There's a lot of good connections that we miss out on.

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