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Towards the end of the movie, Jane Eyre, she runs away from her fiancee's house after discovering he is already married. However, she returns after realising her love and inability to be without him. How long is she away from Thornfield Hall and Mr Rochester before she returns?

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Does this answer satisfy you? If not, what sort of information would you like to see? – Andrew Martin Feb 11 at 19:35

This timeline is what you are after:

To quote some specific dates:

Thursday, 23rd: The wedding; Bertha is revealed; Jane runs away in the night
Friday, 24th: Early in the morning, Jane boards the coach
Sunday, 26th: Jane arrives at Whitcross, spends the night in the heath

So she leaves on the 23rd July, 1829

Thursday, 3rd: Jane arrives at the Rochester arms, goes to Thornfield, returns to the inn and hears what has happened; before dark she arrives at Ferndean and reunites with Mr. Rochester.

So she returns on 3rd June, 1830

So to answer your question:

It is 316 days from the start date to the end date, end date included
Or 10 months, 12 days including the end date

I've taken these details from the book, not the movie - I am logically assuming, even if the movie isn't explicit, it is following the same timeline.

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