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Why did Walter try to poison Brock? Why did he poison Aaron Paul? (and I already forgot who aaron paul is). Also, was the poisoning with Lily of the Valley?

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Aaron Paul is the actor who plays Jesse. So this doesn't really make sense in your question. –  iandotkelly Sep 15 '13 at 21:47
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Walter poisons Brock with Lily of the Valley, in an attempt to destabilize Jesse (who had been recently working more closely with Gus and Mike) and ultimately encourage him to support Walt in his struggle against Gus.

Jesse 'lost' the ricin hidden in a cigarette, and believes that he may have inadvertently poisoned Brock himself and even mentions Ricin to the doctors - but Walt persuades him that it is Gus who has poisoned him. Later the doctors confirm that it was Lily of the Valley poisoning.

Later Walt plants a fake ricin cigarette in a vacuum cleaner to stop Jesse worrying about the cigarette poisoning someone else accidentally.

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