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In season 1 of Zorro (1957), Zorro's horse, Tornado was black, but in the first half of season 2 it was white, and the second half the season it was black. Was this oversight, or two different horses? Maybe I just wasn't paying enough attention to plot details. If it was two different horses what was the name of the second horse and what happened to Tornado?

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Thank you for the answers...didn't pay attention to WHERE Diego was when riding Phantam as Zorro. I remember the way he GOT The horse, but didn't pay attention to the location. – user18895 Feb 13 '15 at 16:33
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When Diego is in Los Angeles, he rides Tornado (the black horse) when he becomes Zorro. When Diego traveled to Monterey, he did not take Tornado with him, and a new horse named Phantom (the white horse) was introduced. Phantom was given to Zorro by a dying soldier and it is not revealed in the series where Phantom hides out while Diego is in Monterey — or what happened to him after Diego returned to Los Angeles.


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