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This is an English horror movie I watched on television in 1990s. One of the scene is as follows:

A man is looking for some treasure in some house. … He digs (or opens some compartment in) the ground, instead finding a skeleton whose right hand is missing. … In place of the skeleton's missing hand, there is a letter (or plaque) with hint about the treasure's real location. … He decides the treasure is behind some large painting. … He opens the compartment behind the painting, finding out the skeleton's missing hand who strangles him to death.

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I know this isn't it, but talking about paintings, skeletons, and burried treasure reminds me of The Goonies. – druciferre Sep 8 '13 at 4:15

Is it one of the House films? I recall some sections regarding a disembodied skeletal hand. The rest of the plot points don't seem to tie up though...

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