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I've heard vague comments to the effect that the writing staff of Frasier got shaken up considerably during the last few seasons. Specifically, I heard that many of the writers of seasons 1-7 left, and then came back for season 11. Is this accurate? If so, is there any information about how the season 8-10 writers planned to resolve the season 10 cliffhanger, with Roz leaving KACL?

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Where are you hearing such rumours? You can check IMDb's list of cast and crew to see if the writers did change. – coleopterist Sep 1 '13 at 20:32
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Here is a list of writers and the episodes they wrote. There is an article here that discusses the writers of season 11 called season 10 a misfire.

This probably means that the producers wanted a creative sea-change to get the show back on track. The original trajectory for season 11 is unclear, but here's a half hour interview with writer Christopher Lloyd.

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