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How did the horsemen return money of Michael Caine to people? If they stole it, the bank would return those money to Michael. And why police were chasing them after the 2nd performance?

What is The Eye?

Why did the police work so unprofessionally?

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  1. How did the Horsemen return Arthur's (Caine) money - They got into his bank using his information. Then they distributed this money to the people present in the audience. The information collected on Arthur (see this - How did the Four Horsemen accomplish their second trick.
  2. If they stole it, the bank would return those money to Arthur. - The bank will only reimburse money if it is proved that it was stolen from the bank. Personal thefts cannot be reimbursed by the bank. Also in this case, it would be impossible to prove that Arthur was not the one accessing his account. They got his password, his security questions, and accessed his account in a legal way. Therefore, there could be no claim of theft by Arthur, and it would be very difficult to prove otherwise.
  3. Why police were chasing them after the 2nd performance? - They just admitted to stealing and distributing $140 million of Arthur's money, so they were being brought in for questioning as suspects until everything was proved. This is standard procedure. Especially since they were already suspects in the first theft. But when they started to run, then they were being actively chased.
  4. What is The Eye? - In ancient times, The Eye was an organisation of magicians. However, Rhodes used this idea to recruit the Horsemen and fulfill his revenge over his fathers death. So The Eye is now Rhodes' organisation following the ancient cult.
  5. Why did the police work so unprofessionally? - I really don't understand what you mean by this. There are some fallbacks in a movie about police behavior. But personally, I did not find it entirely unbelievable.
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I understood that they logged in to Arthur's bank account using his information. But there are maybe limits in the bank? And maybe you need some pin codes to make transfers? I could steal Bill Gate's bank information, send 1 billion to myself, and you want to say that's possible? Assuming they couldn't prove that I stole his bank account information. –  evening Aug 28 '13 at 10:52
4) So, bunch of clever magicians starts to believe in such a thing and gets totally manipulated? –  evening Aug 28 '13 at 10:53
@evening One must remember that not all movies emulate real life to a T. Suspension of disbelief, especially in a movie about criminal magicians, is expected from the viewer in a lot of films. –  TylerShads Aug 28 '13 at 12:16
@evening - 1> depends from bank to bank, whether you require a pin code or a pass phrase. They could have gleamed information off him(Arthur) during the course of so many months. 2> the magicians knew about the eye. Even Theudes knows about it. Its a popular myth - like the Illuminati. That's what was shown in the film. 3> About the police, you are suited to know and form your own opinions. I still have no clue what is it that you are referring to, and for me it isn't much a point compared to the rest. –  kicker86 Aug 28 '13 at 12:31
@evening - 4> About hypnotizing people easily, the Horsemen showed how they manipulated the man into constantly thinking about France - they tailed him and kept inputting subtle references to France in his life. Like talking in french, meeting french girls, etc. as was explained by Bradley. @ TylerShads - yes, exactly the outlook. Though some people like to think about where to draw the line ;) –  kicker86 Aug 28 '13 at 12:35

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