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What is the main genre of "hacking" films which have hackers as characters in the film, e.g., "Die Hard 4" or "Nikita"?

I tried to look up the genre of them but they are just Action | Crime | Thriller. Isn't there a main genre for the movies like them?

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There is no specific genre for movies that includes hackers... Genres categorizes movies in a much more general sense, like action, drama, comedy, etc. Hence the word "genre", which means "sort" or "kind". Categorizing movies by the different occupations would be ridiculous... You can find hackers in all kinds of movies, from romantic comedies to political dramas to sci-fi action. If you really want to see more hacker movies, you should probably look in the genres that you listed. Action, Crime, Thriller, and probably Sci-Fi as well –  Tom Aug 24 '13 at 23:52
Any movie that revolves primarily around hacking is pretty much going to be sci-fi, action or sci-fi-action. Any other movies that 'have a bit of hacking in them' can pretty much be any movie these days –  Robotnik Aug 25 '13 at 13:55

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It's a bit more of a buzzword rather than a formal genre, but I think what you are looking for is techno-thriller:

Techno-thrillers (or technothrillers) are a hybrid genre, drawing subject matter generally from science fiction, thrillers, spy, action and war. They include a disproportionate amount (relative to other genres) of technical details on its subject matter (typically military technology); only science fiction tends towards a comparable level of supporting detail on the technical side. The inner workings of technology and the mechanics of various disciplines (espionage, martial arts, politics) are thoroughly explored, and the plot often turns on the particulars of that exploration.

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