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At Warsaw Ghetto, policemen randomly picked some Jews and the rest were sent to station for the extermination camp.

I assume some were picked because they were better built as later said by somebody that those present at the station were children, women and old people.

But then why the chosen ones were later escorted to the station? Halina says-"I wanted to be with you." And Szpilman comments 'Stupid.' That makes me think as if Halina and others chose to come to the station.

But if it was so, then why were they escorted by a jeep? Surely, they weren't any privileged slaves.

And even a scene later, when they were about to board the train, Szpilman told Halina-'wish I knew you better.' I thought he got impressed that his sister sacrificed her life to be with the family. but then how can so many people be so selfless that they deliberately came to the station. I am surely missing something.

Any clarification would be welcome.

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