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I've seen a lot of documentaries made about the U.S. Space program, but, I've never seen any about the Russian program.

Has any such documentary been made and released?

And, if possible, I would like to find such a documentary that's either narrated in English or has English subtitles.

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To answer your specific question...

Has any such documentary been made and/or released to the public?

The answer is yes. There are several.

To respond to your last statement...

If possible, I'd like to find one such documentary narrated in english or with english subtitles.

There are several that are narrated in English.

This Google search should provide you with links to multiple different resources, including three Youtube videos which are apparently full length Russian Space Program documentaries.

You didn't ask for specific titles, or links to specific videos, but that link there will take you to a few.

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