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In the US version of Wilfred it is established right at the beginning and a recuring theme that Wilfred is a big fan of Matt Damon, yet I don't think it is ever explained why. Furthermore the 1st episode of the 2nd season makes an amazing reference to Good Will Hunting in one of the best scenes of the show (and maybe there are more references to Matt Damon movies I haven't recognized).

Is there any reason or explanation why Wilfred is such a big Matt Damon fan? I'd be interested in both in-universe explanations (if any, maybe there's something about him attractive to dogs?) as well as explanations from a writer's standpoint of why in particular Matt Damon was chosen and if there is any further meaning to this.

(But maybe it was just an arbitrary decision and there isn't much more to it. If relevant, I haven't seen much of the 2nd season and further yet, but don't fear spoilers either.)

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