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In S02E10 of Game of Thrones, after the men from Greyjoy army stab Maester Luwin and flee, Bran & Rickeon with that wildling woman and Hodor come to Maester Luwin.
Why does Luwin want them to go to the wall and meet up with Jon? The Stark's ally forces were on their way. There was no Greyjoy army. So why didnt he want them to just wait outside the castle (castle was on fire) in someone's home till they come rather then sending them on a dangerous path to the wall. What was the danger for Bran and Rickeon to stay at Winterfell?

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With Winterfell sacked it was no longer safe. The Greyjoys could have easily returned, or other enemies of the Starks might attack. Bran is also (at the time) Robb's only heir and had to be protected, so it was safer for them to go to the Wall. The Starks have always been an ancient ally to the Night Watch, and Jon Snow was there as well. They could easily find shelter there.

Late season 3 spoilers:

Maester Luwin's fears proved to be true. The Boltons took advantage of the situation to overthrow their liege lords the Starks.

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You might want to add why it's safe to to to the Wall. That Jon and the Nightswatch would protect them. –  user209 Aug 9 '13 at 14:48

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