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I guess I missed the back story on Doug and Rachel. Why is he so involved with helping her?

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Rachael is the call girl/prostitute that was with Peter Russo in the first episode. If you haven't finished the season, then just keep watching. Spoilers below if you finished and missed it.

She is a cat's paw in Francis Underwood's plan. Doug was keeping Rachael around to be used against Peter Russo after they cleaned him up enough, for long enough, to run in the governors race. The plan was to use her to create a scandal at the 11th hour in the governor's race. The only way to keep governor's position for the party would be to have someone like the VP run at the last minute. After the VP ran and won, the VP position would be vacant leaving room for Francis Underwood to be nominated.

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Oh, wow! Silly me thought Doug was really trying to help her. And Peter didn't seem to recognize her when she came on to him so aggressively at the party. I guess he was too drunk on the previous occasion to remember her. Thanks for straightening me out! –  Dianne Aug 7 '13 at 2:53

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