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Where are the real aliens in Oblivion? Surely with the TET destroyed they'll be coming back. Are they on Titan?

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You seem to have missed an integral part of the story. There never were any aliens at all, only the TET. The message from Titan was from the TET alone, a completely artificial entity. The TET then attacked and devastated earth in order to drain its resources. The whole story about an alien attack that is told to Jack and Victoria (and all the others) was just a staging to keep him maintaining the drones and stay away from the remaining human resistance, which he thought to be the alien scavengers.

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Then the question arises Who made TET? –  Mistu4u Aug 11 '13 at 15:20
@Mistu4u Indeed, yet that's a question never answered in the movie, which makes the TET even more mysterious. ;) –  Napoleon Wilson Aug 11 '13 at 16:51
To your comprehensive answer I'd just like to add that the TET in itself was "the alien". It went from planet to planet, depleting its resources to energize and fuel itself. –  KeyBrd Basher Sep 2 '13 at 10:57
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The director Joseph Korsinski answers the question in the link below. Basically he explains that the distance from the Tet's unknown solar system/star to Earth is so vast its unlikely that a living being could make the journey. Therefor an unmanned vehicle was more likely. It took the Odyssey at least 39 days to reach the Tet (in our own solar system) and the crew needed to be sleeping to complete that journey. Logically, I was also thinking whatever intelligence created the Tet and sent it unmanned to take over a whole planet, clone humans and design and build outpost on Earth, must have the capability to send backup. The Tet by any planetary standards appears to be very important and very expensive. It appeared to be on a mining mission. However based on the directors answer and Morgan Freeman's monologue around 1hr and 32 mins into the movie the Tet may be just be a digital community or single entity. Think the Matrix learns space travel. Which might make a nice prequel. I wonder if the Odyssey was on a mission to learn how to exploit Saturn's resources?

Check out http://www.cinemablend.com/new/Oblivion-Spoilers-Director-Joseph-Kosinski-Answers-Your-Burning-Questions-37271.html

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Simply put, Tet made an environmentally compliant invasion force of simple-minded (and presumably cheap) "Army" Jacks and unleashed them after the moon was destroyed.

Phase II involved hunting dedicated survivors and protecting the hydrogen convertrers, which required more advanced and creative Jack Clones to keep the more deadly and resource-intensive drones online.

Tet probably had a learning curve to deal with the more advanced Jacks and used companionship, sex, and the "Scav" deception to keep these newer Jacks compliant.

Whatever created Tet never invaded earth. Tet is a giant military drone that used human clones as bullets.

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