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Which animated movie is it where children are stuck in a creepy desert carnival in another dimension sort of, there's the name lavinrac somewhere and then they realize it's carnival spelled backwards and they can go out of the dimension?

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Could it be Carnivale (featuring Helena Bonham Carter and Hugh Laurie)?

Animated tale by former Tim Burton art director Deane Taylor has many of Burton's dark themes. Children playing by the sea shore are lured into a time travel portal where they are taken to an amusement park. There they are having loads of fun until they discover that if they don't escape immediately, they will be forever trapped there as inanimate objects. This sets them in a frenzy to escape, which takes them through a ghost train and a terrifying freak show.

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It's this movie indeed! Thank you very much for your answer. Not being able to find that movie was driving me mad hahah! – julie Jul 27 '13 at 10:00

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