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With a metabolism 4X the average human's, the notion that his body wouldn't have wasted away doesn't make sense. Did the comics provide any explanation for how he was able to survive?

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This question along with others you have posted seem to be copied from Quora. As per their policies you must provide a link back to the original in order for the question to be replicated. – TylerShads Jul 14 '13 at 22:11
Just because his normal metabolishm is higher than a normal human's doesn't mean that it couldn't be much, much, much less when hibernating. ( ) – jamesdlin May 19 at 23:32

The only reason given in Movie is just that he is exposed to super soldier serum which made him able to survive and even in some Animated tv shows there is no other explanation given rather then this.

The same question is present on Scifi How did Captain America survive freezing? with the same answer. There are some unsourced claims present on Quora too.

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