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In Inception, near the end there are three dream levels. In Level 1, when the van enters freefall, there is zero gravity in level 2.

This means that the members of level 2 experience no gravitational force. At one point in the movie you are shown these members floating in midair.

Why doesn't this carry over to level 3? Our sensory organs (or any sensory organ you devise, for that matter), cannot distinguish between freefall and zero gravity. Shouldn't the zero-G in level 2 cause zero-G in level 3?

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One possible explanation for this is that as time multiplies with each dream level, the effects from the upper level would be felt gradually. For e.g. In level1, the van falls into the watervan falling into water

as a result, in level2, we get the zero gravity effect because the van is in free fall- zero gravity

and in level3, we have the snow avalanche - avalanche

now, the van hit the bridge, started its free fall in water. Normally this would take about 20seconds. In level2 the free fall gives them zero gravity for a longer period, assume 10min(time is multiplied in inner dream levels). And in level3, this effect would occur even more gradually. So now we have 10min maginified, that makes it say 2-3hours. The other effects would have gradually occured in that level too. But as you know, the kick : level1 van hitting water, level2 lift propulsed with explosives resulted in the avalanche. That means, that before those effects from level1 could have reached level3, the kick from level2 actually reached level3. And the people got out of there quickly, they did not remain in level3 long enough for the effects to have taken place.

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