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The movie starts in a forest when a few friends meet in the cottage. Next day after a party, a group of them force a guy (or guys) to run through the middle some forest (probably Alaska) and the others are hunting them, using buggies or motorbikes. When one of the the smart hunted returns to the cottage, he sees they have lot of trophies of human heads, then the chase continues.

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There have been many films based on Richard Connell's 1924 story, "The Most Dangerous Game", from 1932 to the present. The buggies/motorbikes in this one would seem to make it relatively recent, so I'm going to guess that you're thinking of Surviving the Game (1994). This user review describes the plot in some detail; it seems to coincide with what the question describes. The resourceful intended victim is played by Ice-T.

Ice-T as Jack Mason in Surviving the Game Ice-T as Jack Mason in Surviving the Game

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