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The hero of the movie somehow gets into a group of very lucky people. They become very rich because they are very lucky in completing crazy bets like, for example, crossing a highway full of cars with their eyes closed ... At the end of movie he meets a guy which was once very lucky when as a little Jew was with his brother in a room. When the Nazis came to kill one of them, they hugged each other and the Nazis choose his brother. Since that day, he believed in luck and that no one could ever touch him cos they could take his luck away.

At the end of movie, he is competing in a bet against our hero with Russian roulette but with 5 bullets and with the Jew shooting first and than our hero.

Which movie is this?

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You've tagged this 80s, but it sounds a lot like the 2001 film Intacto. Are you sure about the date? – FredH Jun 28 '13 at 23:29

After reading a very detailed description at the "Candy and a Movie" blog, I am convinced that the film is Intacto (2001), in spite of the tag.

In particular:

  • the movie is about luck and people who can steal luck from others,
  • one character runs blindfolded across a busy highway,
  • the Jewish character, Samuel Berg, is a concentration camp survivor (but all the blog says about how he survived is that it is "a cool story"),
  • one character can steal luck by touching people who have it, and
  • the final scene involves Berg and the protagonist taking turns shooting at each other with revolvers with five out of six chambers loaded.

The film is in Spanish; the only internationally-known actor in it is Max von Sydow as Samuel Berg.

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thank you it is a intacto – jozef Jun 29 '13 at 2:46
@jozef You should "accept" this answer as the correct one. – coleopterist Nov 13 '13 at 3:41

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