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I remember watching a movie a few times about a group of kids with a paper route. The main kid is a teenager that just moved to the area.

The main scene I remember is the main kid trying to deliver a paper to an old war vet and having to use some strategy tactics to deliver it and "win" the old man's war, gaining him respect.

I remember seeing the movie somewhere between mid 90's to early 00's. Does anyone recognize this movie?

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I think the movie you want is IMDB: The Paper Brigade

The reviews list all your plot elements, especially about befriending the "crazy" war vet played by
IMDB: Robert Englund.

Here's an excerpt: After the first day he decides it's too much effort until he discovers a pretty girl is on his route. The movie deals with his first love and other antics like a battle worn vet he befriends and neighborhood bullies.

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