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I am looking for a movie about a boy/child that grows up thinking he is in the real world, but actually he is living between walls of a tv-studio. The world saw him grow up and stuff. I think later on he finds out that this is not the real world. I think this happened when he was sailing on his boat and bumped against a wall.

What movie is it?

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You're thinking of The Truman Show (1998), starring Jim Carrey. He actually learns that he is the subject of a television program earlier; he uses the sailboat to reach the dome surrounding his "world" at the end of the film.

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Yes the truman show is about a boy who lives his whole livin believing his is in the real world, until one of the set lights falls out of the sky, and his day is exactly the same every day, until he begins to notice more and more things that don't seem real and tries to escape/leave.

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That answer has already been given. – Chenmunka 12 hours ago

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