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It must be a late 1980s or beginning 1990s American movie.

I think the plot is that some gangsters/killers want to kill a little boy.

There is a scene in which the kid is in a house in an open field, there are two or more bodyguards protecting the kid, one inside, other outside. Finally some killer(s) kill the bodyguards but kid escapes and runs on a highway (? not sure about that though).

Sorry not much info, I have only these images in my head, I remember it was quite scary the way it was made (I was young at the time), since I never found the movie, I have searched quite a bit on Internet but no success.

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Thanks for the info, but no it was not Witness with Ford, neither Eyewitness. my guess would be 1988-1996 something like that. The house in the scene was in an open field, sun is shinning, one bodyguard* is reading newspaper in the kitchen table, other one is outside..kid is playing or something. Maybe the kid was with his parents when the killer or killers came to the house, they killed everyone, one at the time, only the boy escapes.. From what I remember the atmosphere in the movie was very scary, and 'cold'... I remember something with a higway too. *it is possible that the 'bodyguards' we – user5218 Jun 22 '13 at 15:17

Again, not a perfect match for the description, but perhaps this is Witness, starring Harrison Ford and Kelly McGillis.

The plot centers around a young 8 year old Amish boy who witnesses a corrupt cop murdering someone. Ford plays a cop investigating the murder, and retreats into the Amish community with the boy and his mother to protect him before his appearance at court.

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I believe that your answer is closest than mine! – DontVoteMeDown Jun 22 '13 at 13:13

I found a movie that doesn't entirely fits your description, but I think that is closer. It's called Eyewitness.

Is about a boy that becomes witness of a crime and then tries to escape from the authors(that seems to be the police itself). The movie is older than you describe, is from 1970, but as you can see on its trailer here, have some common points:

  1. He escapes from many attacks;
  2. He escapes by a highway.

Uncommon points:

  1. It have no bodyguards, just the grandfather and sister to protect him;
  2. The movie is british.

Here's the plot(from IMDB):

Witnessing an assassination, a boy claims the assassins are hunting him. With his older sister, the pair escape numerous attacks and are aided by their grandfather and a resourceful young bystander even under the spectre of martial law.

Hope it helps in anyway. Good luck.

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