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In the last scene of the movie "A Clockwork Orange" By Stanley Kubrick,

Fred: Do you understand, Alex? Have I made myself clear?

Alex: As an unmuddied lake, Fred. As clear as an azure sky of deepest summer. You can rely on me, Fred.

I just want to know why the word deepest is used to denote summer? generally summer is hot, may be the question is on use of word in proper sense related. I shall be happy if someone just make me understand that why the word deepest is used to signify summer. I am not good in English!

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I think the question will be better suited and comprehensively answered on English Language & Usage – KeyBrd Basher Jun 20 '13 at 11:14
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In this context, the phrase "of deepest summer" means something like "in the middle of summer"... in other words, a time when the weather is as summery as possible, and as far as possible from the other seasons.

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