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In Cube Zero, when Wynn finally catches up to Rains, he overhears the following conversation between Haskell and Rains.

Rains: Don't come near me.
Haskell: I was protecting us.
Rains: You murdered him.
Haskell: He was infected, you saw it, it was spreading, we'd be dead by now.
Rains: You don't know that.

He then says...

Uh, actually, he's right. It's a highly contagious form of necrotizing fasciitis, flesh eating disease.

In the next scene, where Wynn is telling Rains and Haskell what he knows, he tells them

They collect data and run tests; all kinds of tests; testing chemicals, biolical agents, measuring brain activity, endurance...

So, my question is: How did he specifically know that's what happened to Meyerhold (the chubby guy)? I mean how could he know it was necrotizing fasciitis if they were testing all kinds of biological agents? Is there some sort of detail that I overlooked that might explain how he knew?

  • He was already inside the Cube by the time Meyerhold contracted the disease, so he couldn't have saw it on the monitor.
  • He had no communication with Dodd, so Dodd couldn't have told him.
  • In the shot where Rains finally gets the bottom door open to check on Meyerhold, you can see the top door is closed in the background, so he couldn't have been watching.
  • It seems logical to me that the rooms are sound proof since it was high frequency sound that killed Meyerhold. So, it should be safe to assume Wynn couldn't have heard them from the other Cube.
  • If the previous point is not valid, then why didn't he introduce himself sooner?
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There's two explanations for this I can think of:

1. The first thing we see Wynn do as part of his job is once Ryjkin dies, he removes the archive disc from their console and puts it into his file. Dodd spends this whole sequence playing chess, so we can assume that Wynn sees every death which occurs on his watch, and as the screen briefly shows he's given information about the cause of death:

Cube Zero: Ryjkin termination information

Presumably then he's seen others die in the same way often enough to identify it.

2. When Jax passes on orders to Dodd, he says:

Order number 7 9 3-blah blah blah blah. Commence standard series of needle tests on Rains group

As it's this needle which Dodd punctures Jellico with, which infects her with the disease which she then passes on to Meyerhold via a scratch, it may be (as it sounds) a standard thing to randomly infect one of them with flesh eating bacteria, Wynn could have done this to others in the past or witnessed Dodd doing it.

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