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He had a pet spider. I think his mom was from the Amazon and his dad a reporter from Los Angeles. Basically his dad takes him with him to America on his 15th birthday, and the movie takes on from there.

Think I watched it in 2002, not sure though..

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Is it Jungle 2 Jungle or Un indien dans la ville?

It is not LA, but New York City and there is no reporter.

But it is Amazonas related, there is a 13-year old boy and:

Michael's fiancée, Charlotte, is less than pleased about the unexpected visitor in a loin cloth outfit, who tries to urinate in front of her at a fake tree (as is usual in his tribe), suggests eating her cat, and releases Maitika, his enormous pet tarantula in her apartment.

You may check the film at Youtube

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Definitely! Was just going to answer that after reading the question. – Napoleon Wilson Jun 14 '13 at 8:59

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