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At the end of Brokeback Mountain

Ennis calls Jack Swift's wife and she tells Ennis that Jack died in some freak tire change accident. They flash to a scene of Jack getting beaten by a gang of men -- supposedly a hate crime.

What really did happen to Jack? Was the scene they portrayed what actually happened, or is Jack Swift's wife telling the truth? Furthermore:

To what extent was Jack Swift's wife complicit in whatever happened to Jack? To what extent were Jack's parents complicit?

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Welcome to Movies.SE. Thanks for your question. FYI - spoiler markup is a little frowned upon here - 'reader beware' is our approach. Your question is clearly about the end of Brokeback Mountain - any spoilers about this movie can be left in the open. – iandotkelly Feb 4 '12 at 23:52
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I don't think there's any doubt that he was actually killed as a result of a hate crime. As to whether or not Lureen was aware of the truth of the matter, Anne Hathaway commented on this in an interview on NPR a couple of years ago (from here):

In a November 2010 interview on the National Public Radio program "Fresh Air," Anne Hathaway told interviewer Terry Gross that she actually has no idea whether or not her character, Lureen, tells the truth in the phone conversation in which Lureen tells Ennis how Jack died. Hathaway said that she shot two takes of the scene: one in which Lureen "knew what was going on with Jake's character Jack and that he'd been cheating on me with men and that I knew about the gay bashing," and one in which Lureen "had no idea... you know, it was a terrible accident with a car tire." Hathaway told Gross that instead of using all of either take, there were shots from both takes edited into the final movie, so she doesn't know what the director's or the editor's intentions for her character or for the truth about Jack's death really were. She also said that she has never asked director Ang Lee what he thinks the truth is because "Ang knows the truth in his head, and it's not important to me. I actually think I get to be a part of the film as an audience member because I don't know, because I think the ambiguity is what is the strength of that scene and what's heartbreaking about it."

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Personally, I believe Lureen tells the truth and the oddness and shock of Jack's death causes Ennis to imagine a possible murder and the circumstances that might be involved.

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Can you cite any scenes or dialogue to support this belief? – Meat Trademark May 14 at 3:58

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