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I saw a movie a long time ago about a company that brought out a new technology for tv. It was a set top box that had a red light on when switched on, and the people who watched it slowly turned to dust/died while they were in front of the tv.

Any ideas what the name of the movie is?

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Are you sure it was a movie? That sounds like a Twilight Zone or Outer Limits episode. Also, what does a long time ago mean? –  wallyk Jun 12 '13 at 8:09
Ive wondered what the name of that movie is also. Been searching for a long time as i was a kid. –  user7836 Jan 29 at 13:25
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Sounds like the series or movie of "Max Headroom" (from the late 80s), there was also a British version. Another possibility is Halloween III, Season of the Witch; where a TV signal generated from an evil company made people who wore their Halloween masks during their commercials die and their bodies broke down amd became thousands of crickets, insects, and snakes...etc.

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It may be Fatal Error (1999).

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I have fixed you answer's format but can you elaborate your answer to show why you feels its a match. –  Ankit Sharma Jan 16 at 7:23
Generally, like @AnkitSharma suggested, we like longer answers with some reason for thinking it is correct. A link-only answer is frowned-upon. (I've been guilty of it myself.) Still, it looks like you might have picked the right movie. –  Meat Trademark Jan 16 at 9:14
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