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Trying to find the name of a movie I saw on TV a while back. Story was about the owner of a rural Diner/restaurant or maybe roadside stop who gave away the diner via a write in contest. The winner was young girl - scene had her as young girl with her newborn baby on her back hitch hiking into the town to take possession. I think the owner was an older woman who originally tried to sell the diner and could not, other locals found out she was trying to sell and got angry, then the owner got them to stop being angry by asking them to help out by going through all the write ins to select the best ones.

A Hallmark style movie, but I did not recognize it in the list of Hallmark movies.

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The plot element of a diner being the prize in a contest appears in Spitfire Grill (1996), starring Ellen Burstyn (the owner) and Alison Elliott (the new waitress with a dark past). A user review on IMDb discloses the ending: the winner is indeed a young woman with a small child. So I think this must be it.

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