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Close to the end of The Thing (2011), Kate Lloyd burns the snow vehicle (or did she blow it up, one of the two). After that we are left to our own devices on her fate. Was this intended for us to believe that she died out there from exposure, or was this supposed to be an opening left for another movie, or did this serve some other purpose?

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It's great to speculate but if the two chopper pilots could survive the crash, then it stands to believe the Thing would've also. That would definitely be a great final story and maybe could bridge McReady, Childs and Kate Lloyd together to battle this thing. –  user13815 Sep 16 '14 at 8:19

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I didn't think that Kate blew up the snowbile. I believe she torched her boyfriend and rode off. I assumed that she survived, and was not infected. The way the movie ended though with the helicopter pilot and Lars chasing down the infected dog, was interesting.

I only use infected here to refer to not being real and as being the thing. The movie was fun and worth many a watch.

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"The way the movie ended though with the helicopter pilot and Lars chasing down the infected dog, was interesting" - I guess you haven't seen John Carpenter's 1982 version then (to which the 2011 version was actually a prequel)? It is also very much "fun and worth many a watch". –  Napoleon Wilson Dec 12 '12 at 17:29

If Kate supposedly survived the Thing's existence and even made it back to civilization or another Artic Camp for help, she would be able to warn others of her experience. If she died, then the chance for a sequel would be slim. Unless...and here is your possible sequel to the prequel of the original story: All that happened during the John Carpenter film took place before she could make her way back to civilization or for "Help", and the sequel can pick up at the end of the Carpenter film with teams arriving and finding Childs and Macready either frozen or waiting in the fire. Sorry for the Rantyness...

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In fact Kate's open fate is pretty similar to Carpenter's 1982 version, where it is also left open if MacReady and Childs finally make it back to civilization alive (which is actually not very likely, since all vehicles are destroyed and they're running low on energy/heat). –  Napoleon Wilson Dec 12 '12 at 17:24

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