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I have searched online and found little or no joy with the recommendations of similar movies to the plot/storyline of Meet Joe Black. I love the concept of Meet Joe Black, 'Death' coming to live among humans to explore our ways, and then falling in love. I enjoyed the character being able to 'learn' in action and apply the calm and powerful essence together.

My question is, if any of you experienced folks here know of any similar concepts where the plot attempted to place or extend from where we left off in Meet Joe Black?

My own attempts have lead me to the book trilogy, His Dark Materials specifically The Amber Spyglass which takes me to another world and there we experience what it is to be like in that world: in fact those worlds.

I am anticipating that the Hollywood movie of the Amber Spyglass would be siding on the side of a deeper romantic relationship between Lyra and Will - which could destroy the process of experiencing the new worlds.

I welcome any leads from those who have seen Meet Joe Black, felt that connection and seen it repeated in another movie. I just wish someone could lead me on to something that I could entertain myself with that also makes me think and imagine of that specific learning process, at least so my kids can see a modern twist to it that is not too old fashion for them.

Looking forward to some ideas and leads to look into.

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My my, the answer below also gave me an idea that I had not explored. Firstly I was shocked the movie was a remake :] Secondly I am going to seek and watch the original and hope someone gets the inspiration to write up something so captivating. "Death Takes a Holiday" is a great title too, although it reminds me of Bruce Almighty and how God too a holiday. Comparing the two movies, I'd say Meet Joe Black just was so amazingly brilliant from how the actors give nothing away. I was up all night watching it again, crying... as always! –  Leslie at Acme Consultancy Ltd May 30 '13 at 12:52
Hey @Ankit, I understand closing this question as a duplicate of "How can I find tv shows/films similar to one I like?", but what I don't understand is why you've marked that question as off-topic, and disabled all comments on it. How can it be off-topic on MTVSE to discuss general methods of finding similar movies? Doesn't make any sense. –  Dan Dascalescu Mar 14 at 22:32

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While no continuation of the movie exists, Meet Joe Black is a remake of the 1934 movie Death Takes a Holiday, which is a movie adaptation of the musical of the same name — which, in turn, is based on the Italian play La Morte in Vacanza by Alberto Casella.

In the end,

After midnight, he takes her hand and she instantly dies. Together, hand in hand, they walk into the distant light.

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Thank you for this information! Surely this is NOT a question that has been asked before - how would I have found this out if I did not ask this question here! –  Leslie at Acme Consultancy Ltd May 30 '13 at 12:46

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