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I just watched the film Minority Report and I didn't understand one thing. Through out the film, the Precogs prevision any murder that is going to be happened in the city. But in the film I saw Anderton's superior Lamar Burgess ( Max von Sydow) shoots the agent Danny Witwer(Colin Farrell). This is absolutely a murder. Then how come the Precogs can't prevision this murder. Am I not understand anything here? Please explain.

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It's because, at that point in time, the precogs are offline.

Remember that, after finding out that Agatha was the precog who yielded minority reports, Anderton kidnapped her. Agatha is the strongest, and the other two precogs aren't able to function without her, bringing the system offline. Burgess took the opportunity while the precogs were offline to kill Witwer. His dialogue in the scene, just before he fires, calls attention to this:

Shh. Do you know what I hear? Nothing. No footsteps up the stairs, no hovercraft out the window, no clickety-click of little spiders. Do you know why I can't hear any of those things, Danny? Because right now, the precogs can't see a thing.

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"the precogs are offline." I forgot that. I accept the answer. –  Suresh May 27 '13 at 8:14

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