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What was that episode where we hear Bart's thoughts as a man about Homer in voice over while the camera starts taking a close up of Bart as a kid, just before the voice is interrupted by Homer, asking Bart the kid what he is thinking about.

The scene makes fun of many movies with that sort of clichéd scene.

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It's one of the Halloween episodes, naturally. One of the first ones, IIRC. The one with The Shinning, maybe? – Avner Shahar-Kashtan May 19 '13 at 19:55
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan no, it wasn't the one with the shining, I'll try other treehouse horror episodes, anyway those early episodes never get old. – rraallvv May 19 '13 at 20:25
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I believe you're thinking of the Simpson's "Wonder Years" spoof.
Here's a clip: link
The episode is called Three men and a comic book:link

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hahaha... those earlier episodes never get old. – rraallvv May 20 '13 at 0:19

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