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In the movie Skyfall Shouldn't Q like connect Silva's computer to a secure line or something, considering that he was a known cyberterrorist? Isn't there any sort of internal protocols for the networking system?

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It seemed in the film that even Q realized he'd blundered by doing this. –  Nate Eldredge May 18 '13 at 13:58
Bcoz this Q was young, enthusiastic and naive. With inexperience comes a false sense of grandiosity! –  KeyBrd Basher May 20 '13 at 5:10

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There is no proper reason whatsoever for him to link the unsecure device retrieved from an enemy to the network of MI6. The usual approach would be to treat it with the highest level of suspicion and analyze the hardware and contained data in a secure isolated environment, and Q should have known that, considering that he is supposed to be a genius IT specialist.

This is a trope called the Idiot Ball (warning: TvTropes link!):

A moment where a character's stupidity fuels an episode, or a small plot line.

If you are looking for a reasonable in-world explanation, one could come up with the following reasons for his mistake:

  • They had Silva captured and detained. They did not knew that this was part of his plan, so they may have had a false sense of security.
  • There was highly encrypted data on the device which he could probably decrypt faster by using the networks ressources.
  • Q is young and very sure of himself. He probably thought that the security measures he set in place were enough to protect the network from any kind of attack.

Still, that was a very stupid thing to do and for me was one of the biggest facepalm moments in the movie.

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