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What is the meaning of the final scene of Being There, where Chance walks on the pond's surface?

The film's Wikipedia page says something about a metaphor of Chance being seen as a messiah, but I don't find that too convincing.

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The metaphor is pretty strong: he literally walks on water.

It means he is tremendously blessed, always ending up on the right side of whatever situation he falls into. In a very short time (less than a week?) he goes from homeless pauper to national celebrity and presidential adviser. Lucky in love and whatever he wants to do. All without (apparently) a clue about how life really works. All he knows is the superficial—which he has apparently studied intently via watching television.

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The meaning of the last scene seems to infer that because Chance is wholly unaware of his limitations he is essentially limitless: unbound by them.

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I take it you mean imply not infer. But the metaphor of Chance's absolute innocence is more convincing than that of a Messiah. – Chenmunka Dec 4 '15 at 16:59

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