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"Scarface" with Al Pacino as Tony Montana features a scene where Bolivian kingpin Sosa kills Tony's colleague Omar, saying Omar was an informant.

Later, back in Miami, an angry Frank Lopez tells Tony that Sosa was lying.

What was the truth?

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The answer is No! Omar was not an informant. Sosa killed Omar because he knew if he let Omar go back to Miami that him and Frank would never make the deal. He could tell that Omar knew Frank wouldn't be interested in a deal that big. But he knew Tony would be and that if he sent Tony back alone that the deal would most likely get done. If not, he would kill them just like he did Omar and as we all know later on Tony as well. Frank was just surprised and disgusted that Tony tried to make the deal himself and suddenly was so enamoured with Sosa who he already didn't care for. As you saw throughout the movie Sosa did away with pretty much anyone who stood in his way with making $ .

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In addition to that this phone call during the meeting was likely nothing else than Sosa eavesdropping on what Tony and Omar were discussing about, substantiating Sosa's impressions about the deal even further. – Napoleon Wilson Aug 19 '14 at 23:56

I do not think that Omar was an informant. I think that Sosa sensed that Omar was not behind the plan for a big deal where Tony was. Therefore, he killed the source of resistance and sent Tony, who was all for the deal, back to Frank to try to make it happen.

It was similar to the scene in The Godfather where Sollotzo pitched the idea of the Corleone's getting into the drug business to Vito Corleone. During the meeting, Sonny Corleone showed his hand that he was excited by the idea, whereas Vito Corleone was not and refused to do business with Sollotzo. Sollotzo then tried to kill Vito Corleone, so that Sonny, who would become the Don, would agree to get into the drug business.

In both cases, it was just a way to eliminate resistance to the deal.

Just my opinion.

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It is not shown, nor implied in the movie whether Omar really was an informant. However, given the situation, the logical answer to the question seems to me to be yes.

If Omar really was an informant, would Frank really have known about it? Of course not! Frank's denial or reply that Sosa was lying had more to do with his anger at that moment. Tony had just come back with an unauthorized deal with Sosa without Frank's nod and claimed that they killed Omar(who was Frank's man) because he was an informant. Obviously, Frank went in denial. So as a personal opinion, yes it looked that way. Omar was an informant.

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I think Omar was not an informant. Tony was played. He even says, "That piece of shit up there, I never liked him, I never trusted him. For all I know he had me set up and had my friend Angel Fernandez killed." But Omar was the one who provided automatic weapons and suggested a four man crew. If he was trying to set Tony up, why go through all the trouble? He could have simply sent Tony and Manny over to the chainsaw bathtub unarmed and been done with them.

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I don't think he was, Frank would've done a background check as Mel was on the payroll. Sosa done his homework on Tony, Omar and Frank, the phone call was just a diversary tactic to play Tony and strike up a bigger deal long term. Omar's death was purely down to business and anybody who got in his way went down.

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I don't think Frank Lopez understood Omar's background and such. And you can't trust Mel Bernstein to check Omar's background because he was a corrupt cop.

Omar definitely was an informant, why would Alex kill someone just because they object to make a deal? Plus you saw the way he was killed, Omar being hanged off the edge of a helicopter. Who beats up somebody that bad when Omar didn't do anything to them? Being an informer on the other hand, is a reasonable excuse for his death.

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Evil druglords are not known for playing fair. If killing an innocent guy in an excessively brutal way would help sell the deal to Tony, then Sosa would probably have done exactly that.

On the other hand I think the process of Sosa being called aside & told about Omar was too realistic for Omar to have been innocent. Sosa & associates acted like they were indeed figuring out that Omar was an informant. Much of it was happening behind Tony's back. The process appeared to have started with Sosa's guys calling his attention to something. If Sosa had been getting rid of Omar for dealing purposes the signal would have been going the other way.

Furthermore, Sosa couldn't have taken it for granted that killing Omar would get him the deal he wanted. The original idea of the meeting was to get a deal with Lopez (Tony & Omar's boss back in the USA). Lopez could just as easily have said "F--k you Sosa, Omar was like family to me! Tony cutting a deal with you doesn't mean squat! Now send Tony back here so I can kill him myself. He should have been trying to protect Omar, not making his own unauthorized deals with you."

My guess is that Omar really had been an informant.

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