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A famous Marathi stage actor acts in this movie as a millionaire and owns several tea estates. His son and heir, 'Munna Babu' is mentally retarded and is always busy playing "kabaddi" and "gilli danda" with his friends. The millionaire's employees (Ranjit et. al.) have an eye on his wealth and they finally succeed in killing him and his son. Then the fun begins! 'Munna Babu' becomes a ghost! He remembers his father telling him about his twin brother 'Vijay' in Bombay. So he goes to Bombay, and explains the whole story (how he was murdered and the evil intentions of the employees) to his brother (who is initially scared of talking to a ghost!). But finally, brother 'Vijay' comes to the village and avenges the death of his father.

Which movie is this?

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This film is definitely Ghazab (1982) movie starring Dharmendra and Rekha. Your storyline is quite similar to the plot. You can read the plot in IMDB.

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actual marathi movie is "Bhutacha Bhau" and Ashok saraph ,sachin in lead role – Monkey D. Luffy May 7 '13 at 10:05

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