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Can anybody identify this TV show about a female detective aired on HBO or Showtime in 2007 and 2008?

Female detective, sex addict, drinks heavily. An angel appears to her, it is her guardian Angel. She is resistive to the help from him,the show is a lot about their developing relationship . Takes place in Oklahoma city. Her sister was killed in the Terrorist attack there. She is killed in the final episode in an act of heroism.

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This show is Saving Grace with Holly Hunter, and it was not on HBO or Showtime, but on TNT - Turner Network TV.

From the wikipedia article: It is set in Oklahoma City — including numerous shots of local buildings and landmarks (such as the Oklahoma City National Memorial and the downtown skyline) — while much of the show was filmed in Vancouver and Los Angeles.

The running theme of the series: In the series opener, Grace meets up with her "last-chance" angel, when after a night of drinking she runs down and kills a pedestrian with her Porsche. In desperation she calls out for God's help, and a scruffy, tobacco-spitting man who calls himself Earl (Rippy) appears. Unfolding his wings to reveal his divine origins, Earl tells her that she's headed for Hell, and asks if she's ready to turn her life over to God.

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