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Assuming they're a pure screenwriter, and not also a producer or director, do screenwriters get to do anything after handing in the script? Can they be present on the set? Do they have any say in production decisions?

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Very little, though it really depends on their relationship with the director and producer.

I've worked on sets where the screenwriter was definitely not wanted, seen as a threat to the director's authority.

Of course I've worked on other sets where the director and writer were rather good friends and the writers were asked questions and opinions.

They are generally not guaranteed any say in any production decisions though, as a general rule of thumb.

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If you've never seen the Jay Mohr TV series Action, I highly recommend it. Catch it in repeats on IFC, or probably on Netflix. You can even catch some clips on youtube. Definitely worth a viewing. Peter Dragon's (Jay Mohr) treatment of the screenwriter, Adam Rafkin, shows the audience that once the script is in, the screenwriter is essentially nothing. UNTIL he becomes a slave to the 2-cent suggestions of the director, the actors, the producers; essentially anyone who, on a whim, wants a revision gets it. The vision of what's on the page is irrelevant.

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Ocasionally scripts need to get altered. Actors may die, get sick, or breach their contracts mid-production. Maybe money runs out, and the last half of the movie needs to be compressed to 10 minutes.

Not a movie example, but Babylon 5 got its last season canceled and later reinstated, which led to much re-writing to condense the canceled season into the previous one, and then expanding the remaining story which hadn't already been filmed back into a full season.

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