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When I was kid, I remember vaguely channel surfing at my friend's house. There was a sci-fi movie set maybe in out of space.

Premise: There were these woman, unclothed maybe they were aliens or zombies, whenever a guy kissed them they would turn into the woman's slave, or zombie or something.

I know the description is kind of vague. Any idea which movie it is?

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How long ago would this have been? Would it have been considered a current movie at the time? Color or B/W? – wbogacz Apr 12 '13 at 0:33

My first guess for unclothed space vampires is always Lifeforce (1985), also known as The Space Vampires. The Wikipedia page is here. The main space vampire was played by Mathilda May:

Mathilda May Space Vampire

After she kisses the space-shuttle astronaut who finds her, she can make him do things with no memory of having done them. However, the vampires usually don't kiss their victims so much as drain their energy, as shown in the below picture. Their victims become shriveled, mostly mindless zombies whose single purpose is to drain the energies of others:

Space Vampire draining energy

Once a zombie has drained a victim of his own, he becomes un-shriveled and looks normal again, temporarily.

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Thanks Will, I will watch it tonight, see if it brings back memories. – Stacygirl Apr 12 '13 at 12:38

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