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I'm looking for an English-language mini-series for children/teens that was aired in Norway around 1977-1979, so it was probably a few years old by then. It was from the USA or Canada. It was probably 3 to 7 episodes long, and I would guess 25-30 minutes per episode (based on probable time slot in Norway, between "Children-TV" and "The Daily News"). Bear with me here: I was between 4-6 y/o - but I remember reenacting the opening (the father loosing his grip and tumbling down the mountain, which started each episode) that winter in kindergarten/daycare, so it must have been prior to the fall of 1981. Also, my age was the reason why I never was allowed to watch much more than just the opening.

It opens with a father and his son (probably 10-12 to 16 y/o) climbing a mountain. I think the boy stands on a ledge or the ground holding a rope, while the father climbs. The father falls (screaming loudly) and is badly injured. The boy must take care of his father, wrapping him in blankets/sleeping-bag - maybe by a fire. This happens out in the wilderness, far from people. I seem to remember a cabin... I'm not sure, but it's possible that a man or two (hunters, fishers?) joins them and helps. I think the father is knocked unconscious (for maybe several episodes) and maybe had a serious head-injury. It may have been winter - not sure (may be mixing it with my childish re-enacting). Wouldn't be surprised if part of the story was about having to cross the wilderness to find help...

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