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Which episode of the Simpsons am I thinking of? It's from the 90's I think.

A Russian dignitary at the Olympics committee stands up and says something like "Come to Russia where 1 dollar is worth 5 roubles. Pager beeps. He starts reading the messages as it beeps sounding increasingly panicked 12 roubles. 50 roubles. 1000 ROUBLES!? I must go!"

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I believe the episode you're looking for is The Old Man and the 'C' Student Original Airdate on FOX: 25-Apr-1999


The International Olympic Committee has gathered to decide the site of the next Olympiad. Representatives from each country lobby the chairman to choose their homeland. The French representative claims France would be a good site, but when asked to explain why, contemptuously throws wine at the chairman. (The chairman responds in kind.) A Russian suggests Moscow, but has to keep updating his exchange rate as the Russian economy collapses. The man from Mongolia wants the Games in Motown -- as in Mongoliatown. The remaining representatives bicker amongst themselves until the chairman interrupts.

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