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I am trying to identify an adult movie I had seen some years back that I believe the title was Lyla or perhaps Sexy Lyla.

There was a soul theme song like "Ooh, ooh, sexy. Sexy Lyla... [snip] ...So stay away, from sexy Lyla." My Google-foo is failing miserably in the identification.

I believe it was a 1970s film or maybe early 80s. One scene had an office, an African American gentleman, a Caucasian woman and her lunch - a hot dog, to include the bun.

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Misspelled name. Check out Lialeh (1974).

From the IMDb page:

Lialeh is a well made cheap adult film that recently got a major hype due to the soundtrack done by Bernard Purdie. It was legit released by Arrow videos with a mention it is THE BLACK DEEPTHROAT (since Arrow released DEEP THROAT on video), but the film has nothing to do with deepthroat nor even shares the plotline. The film stands on it's own, with multiple locations which was uncommon in early 70's adult films. It was also uncommon to have a film mostly black cast for a adult film in that era.

Here's the song you are referring to.

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