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I have no idea who the band is or what song is being played. I only have this scene of the video and both the shooting method and the action of the scene are the only things that interest me. Let me describe it as best I can.

There is a guy (20's to 30's) with a beard (brown hair I believe) who is being followed around by a camera that must be getting operated by crane because it's going in and out of the set which is built on a round platform so that as the guy is moving between different scenes he is being followed from a fourth wall perspective across the different sets which seem to be on a spinning platform. It's 2 levels to the set. He is going through them as if he's chasing someone at first and then he's actually fighting and punching his way through people. The set is designed to look like a club.

I know this isn't a lot to go on especially without knowing what band it might be. I believe it was probably a rock video of a band more on the indie scene because of the channel I saw it on (which I can't remember either) it came out around the time that the OK GO video with the treadmill routine was on TV. To help Identify the camera work I'm talking about it was similar to the Keen video Is It Any Wonder where the camera shoots in one take while continuously moving around. Except it wasn't as dizzying and seemed to move with the set moving which followed the breaded guy through out the video.

I believe this is a one-shot music video. It is very similar to the Spoon video The Underdog the band is shown playing in between the action of the bearded guy.

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