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I remember hearing about a TV show being considered that was going to try to generate enough popular interest and support for a regular citizen candidate to allow the person to legally enter the US Presidential race. Anybody else remember this? Any more info would be appreciated.

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The Apprentice? – Andrew Grimm Feb 6 at 10:25

I found reference to American Candidate which clearly didn't happen in any big way.

Reuters reports that inspired by the success of the Fox hit "American Idol," sister cable network FX is developing a reality show called "American Candidate" that will choose a "people's" nominee for president in 2004. FX said on Friday it has teamed up for the show with R.J. Cutler, the documentary veteran behind the Oscar-nominated film "The War Room," which chronicled Bill Clinton's 1992 campaign for president. Joining him on the project will be director Jay Roach ("Austin Powers") and producer Tom Lassally ("Totally Hidden Video").

Could that be it?

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