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I remember seeing a movie in the years between 2005-2009. It was not a Hollywood movie. I think it was French, about a woman who wants to get pregnant and a guy who tries to rob a sperm bank but in the end gives his own to the woman. The man suffers from nosebleed when he is nervous and in the end, when she is in the airport the man and the woman realize that they love each other.

It is not The Back-up Plan or The Switch.

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First i thought its The Babymakers but its 2012 movie nad second the couple is previously in love and married. – Ankit Sharma Mar 18 '13 at 7:36
Thanks for trying anyway :)! – alba rose Mar 18 '13 at 10:55

Try this french web site it has the theme you mention.

A film called Les Mouvements Du Bassin

Google translate version

Extract of the Synopsis of the film via Google Translate

Hervé is a lonely man who lives only for his course of self-defense. Dismissed from the zoo where he works because he depressed animals, he becomes a night watchman in a factory. Out of boredom, he watches the comings and goings of a strange couple in love: his colleague and his wife who sells her body with the blessing of her husband. Marion is a pretty woman desperate to have a child. One night, she meets a nurse who falls in love with her. It promises love and pregnancy, the price is robbing a sperm bank. The destinies of these two individuals in search of happiness will intersect in a hospital corridor.

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I saw the trailer and its not the movie im looking for,though thanks for trying :)! – alba rose Mar 21 '13 at 16:45

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