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I recall a show/special, possibly on the Showtime cable channel from many years ago (let's call it early 80's) which had, as its premise, that aliens had taken over the TV satellites and were broadcasting off the wall snippets of shows. The format was much like the episodic vignettes of KF Movie, Amazon Women on the Moon and even Robot Chicken.

The one scene I remember involved men's gymnastics, and had an athlete doing a floor routine do a pass and complete the tumble by landing in a split to both the delight and dismay of others watching.

Any leads would be appreciated.

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Wild guess, it might be National Lampoon's Disco Beaver from Outer Space, which was on HBO in 1978. The vignettes were supposedly someone switching channels between various shows. Sometimes the viewer would make audible comments, like "Quick! Change the channel before the commercial starts!"

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