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A rich man hires an ex-convict (prisoner, murderer) to spy on his wife because he suspects she's cheating on him; she's blonde. As time goes by they fall in love. He almost caught them together because his dog-tags fell on the bed after making love. They make a plot to rob him and ran away, but the husband comes back earlier from a business trip and after a quarrel he kills her (she is in bathtub laying in blood). The ex-convict, after finding out what happened, kills (or tries to kill — can't recall) husband.

During the movie there are short scenes of a woman laying in bed (or bathtub) and blood transfusion. As movie unravels it turns out that wife collected her blood in order to organize her own false murder (to get rid off husband and ex-convict — husband killed by ex-con and ex-con in prison). So she could runaway with her true lover which is the gardener. They fly away and the movie ends.

Can't remember actors but I think that rich man resembles (Alec Baldwin, Michael Madsen or Steven Seagal) and ex-con (William H. Macy or David Caruso). Those actors only look similar to each other in my memory but I could be wrong.

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When did you watch this? – Incognito Mar 5 '13 at 16:06
I think between 2008-2010 but I am not sure. It should be good known movie. I think that name of the movie is short like one word but not sure either – Nikola Mar 5 '13 at 16:52
is the Movie The Illusionist (2006) if yes then I'll add it as an answer. – Nishant Mar 6 '13 at 9:24
Its not that movie.Any other ideas Thanks – Nikola Mar 6 '13 at 12:07
It is cold play 2008 from other movie forum if anyone stumbles upon – Nikola Mar 10 '13 at 21:43

Is it Cold Play? It's a 2008 movie. Here's the blurb from the IMDB page:

A multi millionaire suspects his wife of having an affair. He hires a private eye to tail her but they form a romantic alliance of their own and plot to steal the husband's 20 million dollar Imperial Egg.

Here's another synopsis from Rotten Tomatoes:

An obsessive millionaire who suspects that his wife is having an affair finds that no one can be trusted after hiring a shady private detective to track her every move in this thriller from co-directors Geno Andrews and D. David Morin. Winston Thorpe (Morin) doesn't trust his wife Indigo (Vanessa Branch), and in order to gather the evidence needed to get her out of his life he hires scheming Scottish private investigator Angus Stuart. Little did Thorpe suspect that Indigo and Angus would form an alliance designed to rob him of his fortune, but after Angus agrees to help make Indigo "disappear" the pair soon starts to get sloppy with their plan. Now, as Thorpe discovers the damning evidence that links Indigo and Angus together, the vengeful husband quickly goes to work dreaming up a deadly scheme of his own.

Here's the trailer on YouTube

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