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At the beginning of famous Indian movie Jewel Thief(1967), Vinay (Dev Anand) is seen going to a Jewellery Shop & talking to the owner about employment.After being rejected, he steps out of the shop and at the same time, the owner's daughter - Anjali(Tanuja) is seen entering the shop. After this there is a song sequence where Dev Anand encounters a group of girls (including Anjali) on a country side road. The song sequence suggests that Dev Anand was intentionally walking in front of the car to tease girls. After a little hussle they are acquaintanted. Later, when Dev Anand is finally employed at the same jewellery shop, Tanuja pays a visit and Dev Anand tries to sell necklaces to her. However after a little playing she reveals that she is the owner's daughter and Dev Anand shows as if he did not know this and is completely surprised.

Was the surprise true or false? Did he knew her well and that is why he followed her after being rejected by his father, looking for another way to get in and then he tried to play it smart by pretending that he did not know who she really was ? Or it was a mere coincidence that Dev Anand happened to be on the same road as Tanuja, teasing some random girls, soon after he was denied a job at her father's shop?

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My guess is that Vinay did not know Anjali before their meeting at the jewellary shop. I infer this from analyzing the character of Vinay. He doesn't appear like someone who will use crooked methods. Also regarding the sog sequence, I think it was a mere coincidence, intentionally plotted by the director to create mystery.

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