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In my childhood I liked the Fantomas-movies from the 60s (1, 2, 3) with Louis de Funès as inspector Juve. I can see they are remakes of much older Fantomas-movies from 1913, 1932 and 1947.

I liked in the movies of the 60s the massive use of funny or interesting gadgets, like the third hand or a gun in a peg leg and the extensive use of technological advancement, like submarines and helicopters.

As I never saw the original movies, was this included in them already or new in the remakes?

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Yes, there are some gadgets in the 1913 Fantomas. From my own memory, they play not a leading part of the story, but they can be found.

At youtube you may find a sequence, approx at minute 8 you can see a third arm. At the start, you have a sequence with the actors and there changing look.

The 1913 films are available on DVD. describes the film:

Each films is filled with wild plots and demented side schemes and features exotic gimmicks

There you can also find a link to amazon.

The Giornate 2000 includes also a description of the films.

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